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Gorgeous day today; temp in the 50s, clear and clearly beautiful bright blue skies, air crisp and cool. Just incredibly good, which made the sad bits incredibly sadder. As I walked back to my office from the prayer vigil we held on campus, I thought about what I'd write in this post tonight when I got home.

And then I saw the squirrels )
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It's Monday, which is generally a day I don't enjoy, but today was actually pretty good.

Monday, Monday )
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After the long weekend, I suppose it's only natural that I should feel this one was too short.

What have I been up to? )
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So the week was short here--love a Fall Break, especially one that encompasses a Monday, because, really, Monday is the absolute worst day of the week. Going in to work on a Wednesday was positively delicious, even if I placed an entire Monday and Tuesday's worth of stress on my body.

What else was good about the working week? )
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Not much to report here. Before the break, I made a list of all the things I wanted to get done and the things I had to get done. I assumed that I'd get the "have to" list done and that the "want to" list would languish, grow brittle, and disintegrate.

Of course, when you assume... )

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It's been a mixed bag today. )


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