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I've been very scattered lately; moving will do that to you, I suppose, and I'm going to a conference this weekend, so that's eating up what little brain space I have left after trying to finishing up this never-ending report I have to do for work. I shouldn't complain; I have been, as my mother would say, "blessed with work." Unfortunately, I tend to reject those little blessings when I start to feel overwhelmed.

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We had a great weekend traveling; now that we're back, it's time to pack up the house and get things moving--literally.

Little!Zoas appears to be fairly active these days. I rested my hand on my tummy this morning, and I felt a wee jump of skin, then another. Perhaps I should stop patting my belly.

I've got some catching up to do here on the ol' LJ. I'll be a bit slow at that as I've got a ton o' work this week and next plus packing/moving. If there's something you'd like me to see/think I might enjoy, please drop a link in the comments and I'll move it to the top of the queue.

In the next two days: how I spent my summer vacation and a bit of info about my new pet.
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I've never been much for knitted toys, but I might have to succumb to these. LittleZoas needs hand puppets.


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