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Using my mad Fireworks skillz just for you:

Party on. I might resolve to do a few things tomorrow. For tonight, it's me, the hubby, and a bottle of wine.
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Taking a break from the festivities to wish a late Merry to you all! We are about to open gifts and have cake:

My mom didn't have a 2 candle, so she improvised.

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You are encouraged to drink and drive. Witness the sight that greeted me in a local gas station:

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We're home for a 36-hour layover; we head to Louisiana on Wednesday to spend Christmas with my family, and have just returned from GA where we had Christmas with [ profile] autifon's folks. Had a great meet-up with [ profile] radiantbaby today--not long enough, but much fun!

Have just quickly responded to comments and made a fast pass over my f-list. I'm so glad I did that, since I'd missed the fantastic Dr. Girlfriend icon [ profile] angelfireeast made for me (which now graces my journal--thanks so much!). At some point tomorrow I'll dig back to Saturday and read through all the fun I've missed this weekend...looks like things were mighty busy!

Until then, goodnight LJ. I'm going to bed.
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Steve and I drove to Canton, MS, a small town north of Jackson, to check out their annual Victorian Christmas celebration.

Let me preface everything I'm about to say by pointing out that I am the product of a small town, have lived in other small towns, and I love many things about small towns. In a perfect world, I'd have two homes--one in Manhattan and one in Natchitoches. Big city. Small town.

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Dec. 6th, 2008 07:37 pm
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Steve and I are in Canton to witness their Xmas festival. Small but sweet little downtown, all lit up and glowing, lots of little kids--charming bit of small town USA.

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