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My friends and parents are incredible. We moved house yesterday and today my mom and I (but mostly my mom) setup the kitchen, both bathroom linen closets, and the dining room. My dad and [ profile] autifon moved a bunch of things, cleaned the old house, hooked up the washer and dryer, and barbecued chicken. Kitties are safely, and a bit sadly, ensconced on their new porch outside; I'll have to tell you about Spike's daring escape attempt once we've got the cable in, which should be tomorrow night (*fingers crossed*).

I'm now working on the workshop I'm giving at 9 am tomorrow because there's little that makes more sense than giving a workshop the Monday after you move house. Overall, though, I'm utterly thrilled about the new house and already feel very much at home.

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Taking a break from the festivities to wish a late Merry to you all! We are about to open gifts and have cake:

My mom didn't have a 2 candle, so she improvised.

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We're home for a 36-hour layover; we head to Louisiana on Wednesday to spend Christmas with my family, and have just returned from GA where we had Christmas with [ profile] autifon's folks. Had a great meet-up with [ profile] radiantbaby today--not long enough, but much fun!

Have just quickly responded to comments and made a fast pass over my f-list. I'm so glad I did that, since I'd missed the fantastic Dr. Girlfriend icon [ profile] angelfireeast made for me (which now graces my journal--thanks so much!). At some point tomorrow I'll dig back to Saturday and read through all the fun I've missed this weekend...looks like things were mighty busy!

Until then, goodnight LJ. I'm going to bed.


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