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Today's Booking Through Thursday exhorts us to stray from the usual path (posting on your blog, then linking the post to the BTT blog through comments) and to actually conduct a discussion on the BTT blog itself.

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Something different for Booking Through Thursday today, and frankly, I could use this difference:

But, enough about books … Other things have words, too, right? Like … songs!

If you’re anything like me, there are songs that you love because of their lyrics; writers you admire because their songs have depth, meaning, or just a sheer playfulness that has nothing to do with the tunes.

So, today’s question?

* What songs … either specific songs, or songs in general by a specific group or writer … have words that you love?
* Why?
* And … do the tunes that go with the fantastic lyrics live up to them?

You don’t have to restrict yourself to modern songsters, either … anyone who wants to pick Gilbert & Sullivan, for example, is just fine with me. Lerner & Loewe? Steven Sondheim? Barenaked Ladies? Fountains of Wayne? The Beatles? Anyone at all…

So what are Zoas fond of? )
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So BTT was not really interesting to me today (I can't remember the topic, and I can't be bothered to find the post), so I thought I'd toss out my own reading-related question:

What's the best thing you've read this year? Yes, I mean in 2009.

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I've skipped at least one of these--I was a bit busy last Thursday--but am happy to let the first post of the new year go to Booking Through Thursday!

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Booking Through Thursday features a double shot today; I think one of these was meant for next week, but I'll do them both now. They actually go together.

Bookish Blather Beyond )

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As the weather gets colder and the holiday To Do lists get longer, I think Booking Through Thursday gets concerned with issues of reading and time.

1. Do you get to read as much as you WANT to read?

(I’m guessing #1 is an easy question for everyone?)

2. If you had (magically) more time to read–what would you read? Something educational? Classic? Comfort Reading? Escapism? Magazines?

If I had all the time in the universe... )

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I'm glad that today's Booking Through Thursday comes in handy list form: I need structure to survive when end of term rolls around!

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