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The College of the Four Zoas

Welcome to The College of the Four Zoas. We at CFZ are glad that you're considering joining us; we hope that in your visit you'll discover much to consider, illuminate, and delight. Below you'll find some icons of the academic and social elements of campus culture.

Registration is as easy as adding a new friend.

Fast Facts:

Est. 1969
Philosophy: "Anyone who looks at life in all its aspects will see how far the remarkable, the great, and the beautiful predominate in all things, and he will soon understand to what end we have been born." --Longinus
Location: The Deep South, USA
Enrollment: 82 and rising
Demographic Information: Female, Married, Black
Degrees Offered: BA, MA, and PhD in ZoaStudies
Accrediting Body: [ profile] therealljidol
College Mascot: The pretty lady in the icon there. She needed a new job.
Acreage: Don't you know it's rude to ask a lady her weight?

Our Four Foundresses

Velma Dinkley, The Questioner

Looking for clues to solve life's mysteries. Never going to give up her glasses.
Rhetorica, The Working Girl

Teaching the principles of sound argument and communication.
Francine Jones, The Mother

So ferociously protective of her own that she might allow herself to be duped by a scheming Time Lord if she believes it will protect her child from unknown alien horrors.
Dr. Girlfriend (aka Lady Au Pair, Queen Etherea, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch), The Lover/Wife

Power behind the throne and all that lot. Stands by her man and settles into one persona after trying several in her quest for wholeness. May have a few henchmen of her own.

Instructional Staff & Course Offerings

Here you'll find a representative sampling of our faculty and course offerings. We strive to ensure that every class is indicative of the unique nature of our College.
Maintaining Balance and Perspective
Younger Self
Remembering Wonder
Advanced Knitting Techniques
The Doctor
General Mayhem;
Alec Hardison
Advanced Geekery;
Balancing Fandom and Real Life
Young Girl masquerading as Jane Austen if Fanny Price were more like her maker
Making Things More Complicated than Necessary
Number Six
Understanding the World Around You
Martha Jones
Topics in Advanced Pwnage
The Happiness Fairy
Spreading Goodwill

We hope to see you again soon!

In response to Prompt 0 for [ profile] therealljidol.
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